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Facebook has 2.7 billion users and much-discussed mountains of user data, and with good reason: It’s an excellent advertising platform for many high-growth businesses looking to scale their online sales. Many companies in the market call themselves the best Facebook marketing agency, but we call ourselves a result-driven agency. Hiring our Facebook Ad Agency can help you get fruitful results from organic & paid FB marketing.

Empowering Businesses to Grow Using Facebook Ads

Our Facebook marketing agency offers paid & organic marketing services that help your business take complete advantage of social media. From creating your strategy and ad creatives to launching your ads and monitoring their performance, we provide an all-in-one solution to social media advertising.

With Facebook’s massive audience, as well as advanced targeting options and diverse ad types, it’s a must-use advertising channel for companies that want to grow.

Your Local Digital Marketing Experts

Our team of experienced Facebook Ad Management Specialists work across Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and the Audience Network to find your target audience and show them killer creative to deliver the growth you know your business is capable of.

Why use Facebook advertising services?

Advertising on Facebook, as well as investing in Facebook advertising services, offers several benefits:

Completing a Competitor Analysis

Completing a market analysis of your service areas and industry

Creating Engaging Organic Social Campaigns

Researching content that has high engagement with your audience

Creating Data-driven Paid Social Campaigns

Creating custom audiences to best target your company and brand

Your Facebook Ads & Marketing Headquarters

 Red Cardinal Marketing is a social media based company which specializes in commercial and personal based services. 

Unlock Your Businesses True Potential

Let us help you optimize your business to generate more leads through Pay per click, Social media management, website design, SEO, call tracking, and much more.

Red Cardinal is a blessing to those in the industry they serve. They mainly are targeting ethically, potential clients for the treatment centers and sober living facilities around the country.

Mark Donaldson

Facebook Ads Lead Generation For:

  • Addiction Treatment Centers

  • Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers
  • Rehabilitation Facilities
  • Drug & Alcohol Recovery Services
  • Drug Treatment Facilities
  • Inpatient Recovery Programs
  • Recovery Professionals
  • Alcohol & Drug Rehab
  • Addiction Treatment Providers
  • Sober Livings
  • Recovery Center
  • Recovery Programs
  • Detox Centers
  • Residential Programs

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