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What is PPC for Addiction Treatment Centers?

Are you looking for Google Ads Management Company? Hire Red Cardinal Digital Marketing! Paid Per Click (PPC) advertising sounds like something that would be done by those with an addiction to buying products, but it’s actually much more than that. When you set up a campaign in this type of digital realm and bid on keywords related or focused around your business’ name, then as long as one person clicks through from their search results page – which they’ll do because what could possibly make them stop scrolling past these advertisements?! –you will have been compensated for all the traffic generated towards your site! In order not to get left behind during such times where people want quick answers without having read anything beforehand about the said topic at hand; here are four things every successful ad needs:


Landing pages – These are used to convert PPC leads into customers. These landing pages need to be highly converting in order for them not only to drive people searching on Google or Bing, but also encourage someone who finds your site through these advertisements by giving you an opportunity that will motivate this individual further with what they want at first sight: contact information so the business can start moving forward as soon possible!


Website speed – one of the most overlooked elements in online marketing. You might not have thought about how your site’s load time impacts the quality score for AdWords, but it has been shown that pages with slow-loading times will affect organically ranking as well!

Website speeds are also important when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). Your page loading speed can make or break whether someone finds you through Google results and clicks on those ads – so don’t underestimate its importance!


Headlines – The headlines you use in your PPC campaigns are the first thing that a searcher sees. It’s important to not only hook them into clicking but establish an initial trust value with every customer by being professional and engaging enough for their tastes. We recommend doing some searches on keywords of interest or new products before launch time so as not to disappoint anyone who may have been waiting patiently!


Keywords – The right keywords can make or break a company. Keywords are what search engines use to find your website, and if you want people who have been looking for information on drugs rehabs in Gainesville Florida specifically (i.e., not just general) then it’s important that they be targeted correctly otherwise there might not be enough traffic coming from those searches alone!

Rehab Marketing PPC

A strategically targeted drug rehab PPC advertising campaign can increase your census when done correctly. The challenge of these paid advertisements though is not just turning them on, but putting together all the pieces necessary for conversion: carefully chosen keywords in order to generate more leads; high-impact landing pages designed specifically around what people are searching online (or how they found out about you!) that draw prospects into giving their contact information so conversions happen seamlessly! Hire our Google Adwords PPC Management Services, and we will do the rest, from choosing keywords, and creating campaigns, to optimization.

Google search results are curated based on the query, relevance, trust, authority and other factors. Google enables advertisers to create ads related to their product or service which are displayed on Google.

Google Ads Is Your Key to Success!

The most sophisticated platform for paid search. It’s the choice of the biggest advertisers, so it must be good! Google Ads has you covered whether you are looking to reach new customers or sell your existing products.

Deliver a Significant Return on Your Google Ad Spend

Like Google Ads, Red Cardinal Marketing strives to earn a high relevancy score. Our SEO specialists optimize the keyword selection and landing page content in our search marketing campaigns to improve the click-through rate and conversion rate of your account, which in turn

Ads Management

Each month, our team will strategically select the keywords you want to pay for so that your ads are shown only when potential customers are searching for your product or service

Campaign Optimization

Red Cardinal Marketing helps businesses thrive by creating effective integrated marketing campaigns merged with state of the art digital solutions.

Campaign Support

We have fully integrated Amazon’s servers into our platform because they offer the fastest hosting. Every website you get will come with hosting and an SSL Certificate pre-built for the utmost protection of your data.

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Red Cardinal Marketing is a unified marketing agency that positions your company as an expert with targeted web development, online advertising and social media strategies.

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Let us help you optimize your business to generate more leads through Pay per click, Social media management, website design, SEO, call tracking, and much more.

Red Cardinal is a blessing to those in the industry they serve. They mainly are targeting ethically, potential clients for the treatment centers and sober living facilities around the country.

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