Importance of Call Tracking (Call Rail)

Importance of Call Tracking

A top-notch marketing campaign is critical in accelerating your client base while helping you expand your business. Thus, with all the marketing platforms at your disposal, consider building a robust strategy with the assistance of a rehab center digital marketing expert to attract the most significant number of leads. 

Installing a reliable call tracking system for your business is quick and convenient. Your addiction treatment center’s digital marketing expert will help you run your first tracking number in a matter of a few clicks, further routing them to your main rehab center’s number line.  

How does call tracking work?

A call tracking software works by allocating a different tracking phone number to your marketing campaigns, whether online or offline. These call tracking numbers are then forwarded to your main business contact number, enabling your team to answer as if the call is directly made to your rehab center’s line. 

Thus, since the call first came via a tracking number, this will enable you to obtain more detailed information on the caller than you would have otherwise received. 

You can further use this data in practical and actionable steps to improve your rehab center’s website performance, enabling you to make the best of your budget. 

What are the benefits of call tracking?

By using a call tracking system for your rehab center, you can obtain a wealth of valuable data that will help you optimize your treatment center’s marketing campaign’s performance. A few vital call tracking metrics can include:

Track the number of phone calls

By using a call tracking system, you can obtain detailed reports about the number of calls you receive, along with the trends and patterns associated with these calls. 

Track call duration

It helps you identify your longer-yielding marketing efforts and more in-depth calls. This will further help you track the information that will likely offer a higher conversion rate to your rehab center. 

Track call time of day and location

It enables you to determine what times of the day and locations bring you the majority of the calls and more substantial leads.

Track PPC landing page performance

It equips you to track the performance of your rehab center’s website PPC landing pages. This helps you determine which pages bring the most calls, quality leads, and conversion rates. 

Track converting keywords

Call tracking at the visitor level via a website pool helps you check which keywords drive the most traffic to your addiction treatment center’s website. This will help you determine what keywords your potential clients use while searching to reach you.

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