5 PPC Best Practices for Addiction Treatment Centers

Five PPC Best Practices for Addiction Treatment Centers

PPC campaigns offer a significant return on investment but are certainly not a silver bullet. Without the appropriate fundamentals in place and a well-structured strategy for keywords and campaigns, your PPC campaign can become a drain on your addiction treatment center’s website budget in no time. 

While PPC is not a quick fix for your marketing limitations, it is a great way to strategically place your ads to gain better online visibility and productive interactions.

Therefore, to get the maximum benefit from your Google Ads campaign, we have some of the top-notch PPC practices you should consider.

Refine your keyword strategy

Almost all search engines use keywords as their only language to understand the audience’s intent and connect them to the appropriate rehab websites. This can be the “stuff” that your next potential patient will use to seek help online. Thus, consider creating a list of the top keywords you want to advertise on. 

Here are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Comprehensive rehab-related keywords can be expensive
  • Focus on keywords that are most likely to drive traffic
  • Do not write off long-tail keywords
  • Build a negative keywords list as well

Optimize your campaign structure

Google Ads emphasizes account organization purposefully. A well-built campaign structure can assist your addiction treatment marketing website in several aspects, including:

  • Improving quality score
  • Optimizing your account structure
  • Budgeting appropriately
  • Receiving better reporting to improve PPC strategy
  • Writing more influencing and engaging ad copy

Try creating a separate search campaign and its structure, maintaining a target-focused network, and using consistent naming conventions across campaigns. 

Optimize ads for mobile

Lousy-structured Ads can negatively impact your ad performance. Optimizing your texts, images, CTAs, and other elements of your PPC ads for mobile devices can mean the difference between percentage points on ROAS, CTR, and other metrics. Thus, optimize your rehab center’s PPC Ads for each type of device and platform. 

Develop a seamless experience

Try to put yourself in your target audience’s position to experience the functioning of your rehab website. Take things for a spin and evaluate your ad experience end-to-end, focusing on finding the “seams” or points of friction that keep your potential audience from moving forward to click, convert, or contact you. Thus, aim to orchestrate a journey where every piece of your rehab website’s PPC is on point. 

Make sure your landing pages sparkle

As a thumb rule, “DO NOT” point ads to your homepage, even if it is an excellent representation of your brand and service offerings. Get as specific as possible while tailoring ads and landing pages for your potential audience. Ensure that your landing page includes every relevant detail that people need in deciding to contact your addiction treatment center.

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